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Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)


  • Guarantee the hygiene, safety and quality of service delivered in the restaurant and bar areas
  • Enforce company standards and objectives and ensure follow through attitude and behavior of the team
  • Budget management, ensure low costs and improve profitability in coordination with the Executive Chef, Bar Manager and Restaurant Manager
  • Oversee Bar Manager and Restaurant Manager objectives and ensure they are being met
  • Participate in management and service training
  • Produce weekly staff scheduling
  • Participate in guest interaction and ensure service recovery when needed
  • Participate in hygiene and safety committees
  • Select local suppliers and partnership agreements with the Executive Chef and Restaurant Manager
Bar & Restaurant
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)
  • Responsible for all sound and light equipment and handling cleaning and maintenance of material
  • Participate in preparation and set up of soundtracks on select events and shows
  • Provide guidance to Entertainment Technical team in completing daily tasks and equipment is returned in good condition
  • Produce weekly reports to Head of Entertainment
  • Provide guidance to Sound and Light Technicians in the programing of musical ambiance adapted to the resort
  • Responsible for video broadcasting equipment
  • Prepare images and information to be broadcasted on the internal TV channel
  • Oversee preparation of equipment for shows and events with the entertainment team
  • Microphone tuning and maintenance
  • Work with A/V Technician, Entertainment Manager, and Light Technician to ensure proper functioning of equipment
  • Ensure orders of all needed items from a storage are returned as scheduled
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)




  • Construct scenery through carpentry, painting, rigging and work with diverse scenic materials
  • Work with the show production team to conceive and build sets as well as accessories
  • Set up material and prepare accessories for various events and shows
  • Handle all inventory and work with the purchasing team to order more materials when needed
  • Organize and ensure the good maintenance of set designing materials and tools
  • Work with Entertainment Manager and Costume Designer to agree on show vision
  • Create and construct new show decors and reevaluate existing ones
  • Set up the stage for the event during the week.
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)


Mauricio - Bar Manager Cancun

  • Responsible for bar budgets and drink sales/bar margins
  • Optimize quality of service and hygiene and safety and team training
  • Ensure service delivery and guest entertainment
  • Determine product needs/inventory while respecting ordering schedule
  • Reach bar objectives according to company standards
  • Organize set ups as needed for various events
  • Optimize pricing, engage promotional actions and improve marketing and display
  • Oversee training of new employees and retraining if necessary
  • Responsible for daily shift paperwork such as sales reports, counting cash drawers etc.
  • Responsible for coaching, counseling and evaluating all employees to ensure their maximum effectiveness
Bar & Restaurant
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)
  • Assist the housekeeping manager in the organization and management of the housekeeping department and coordination with other departments
  • Training of the housekeeping team
  • Ensure hygiene and safety standards are met
  • Distribute housekeeping tasks to the team, distribute worksheets, keys and cleaning products
  • Coordinate with front desk for VIP arrivals, special requests and room changes
  • Ensure common areas are well kept
  • Analyze housekeeping complaints and implement corrective measures
  • Assist the Housekeeping Manager with scheduling and planning
  • Ensure proper communication throughout the team and departments
  • Evaluate staff productivity
Hotel Services
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)
  • Issue purchase orders according to the availability of stock and needs stated by internal customers
  • Responsible for health and safety, proper conservation and storage of products, cleanliness on premises and goods transportation facilities
  • Work closely with country or forwarding agent procurement and supply chain department
  • Manage inventories
  • Perform stock inventories and enter in information system
  • Receive deliveries and check ordered goods (designation, price, quantity, labeling)
  • Ensure compliance with customs regulations and clearance requirements
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)



  • Manage the storage of wine bottle
  • Do recommendation to the guest in their purchase of wine
  • Ensure presentation of the recommendations of the day
  • Promote the best selection of wine for lunch and dinner 
  • Serve the wine to the customer when necessary
Bar & Restaurant
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)

Night GO Fluo

  • Responsibility for the musical program in the Club
  • Mixing of songs and animation of dance floors
  • Ability to adjust to the taste of clients
  • Maintenance of the material
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)




  • Ensure proper service delivery and assess employees for training needs
  • Establish good working relationships with the team
  • Benchmark and competitor monitoring
  • Come up with new services and offerings for upscale services
  • Oversee front desk, housekeeping, and laundry departments
  • Organize meetings with Front Desk Manager, Housekeeping Manager and Laundry Manager to prepare for expected occupancy and updates
  • Identify key employees and connect with HR team for employee development and career progression
  • Come up with action plan for development of local sales and media marketing
  • Develop customization of services within the resort
  • Work closely with Finance Manager for budgeting and ensure profitability
  • Organize performance reviews and ensure managers are in compliance with company standards and in turn asses their employees
  • Assist in preparation of revenue and occupancy forecasting
  • Respond to guest requests, problems, complaints and/or accidents prior and throughout their stay
  • Assist in hiring decisions and organizing training programs
  • Assist in maximizing room revenue and occupancy by reviewing status on a daily basis. Analyze rate variance, monitor credit report and observe daily house count
Hotel Services
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)
  • Participate in store sales and stocking
  • Organize products in a presentable manner
  • Check deliveries and ensure proper handling of merchandise
  • Greet customers upon arrival in the store and understand needs
  • Assist guests in finding any specific items in the store
  • Handle register and ensure guest had a positive experience and has found all items they were looking for
Sales & Marketing
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)
  • Responsible for the budget and optimize production through good management and organization
  • Supervise restaurant kitchen operations and maintain food preparation handling and correct storage standards
  • Recognize superior quality products, presentations and flavors
  • Follow proper handling and right temperature of all food products
  • Prepare and cook foods of all types, depending on local cultures and flavors
  • Guarantee hygiene, safety and food quality for all restaurants
  • Adapt team organization, production, distribution, stocking and transportation according to infrastructure and available resources
  • Establish and update menus depending on budgets and occupancy
  • Participate in contract drafting for special groups and events
  • Participate in the selection of local goods and products
  • Conceive new display options depending on daily themes and events in partnership with Events Manager and F&B Manager
  • Plan staff schedules according to production needs
  • Organize and inspect cleaning of premises and equipment
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)
  • Working closely with the corporate team, regularly update the resort’s social media accounts and manage online & in-resort customer relation, update resort app content
  • Plan, create and regularly publish engaging multimedia content of quality (photos, videos) on the resort’s social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram) in line with global & local strategic recommendations
  • Plan, create & execute in-resort initiatives designed to engage guests (e.g. delivering random moments of happiness)
  • Moderate online discussions when necessary
  • Measure the performance of the resort’s social media accounts
  • Collect key information from the different resort teams (agenda, special events, dress code…)
  • Anticipate and plan content updates to communicate the right information at the right time
  • Create, write and diffuse the content through the dedicated content management system in French and English
Sales & Marketing
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)
  • Coordinate daily guest arrivals and departures program managed by senior desk agent and transportation service
  • Manage front desk team in ensuring proper customer service, check in/out, sales, information according to daily activities
  • Delegate tasks to front desk team and oversee key moments and quality of various services
  • Handle any guest issues that are elevated to management
  • Participate in department heads meetings
  • Organize and participate in team trainings and constantly remind company standards
  • Plan hourly schedules based on occupancy and anticipated check ins/outs
  • Produce reports for senior management and General Manager
Hotel Services
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)
  • Responsible for the quality of the welcome and service in restaurants
  • Apply rules of safety and hygiene and train staff when necessary
  • Ensure quality of the service and guest satisfaction
  • Coach the teams around objectives, attitudes and behaviors
  • Responsible for restaurant budgets and sources of profit by managing costs and improving the restaurants' profitability
  • Animate guests and responsible for quality service, implement improvement to the service notably by establishing a positive relationship with the guests
  • Manage both back and front of the house and work closely with Executive Chef and Hotel Services Manager on a daily basis
Bar & Restaurant
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)
  • Support the Finance Manager in duties with administrative and operation day to day operational work
  • Work with the Finance Manager to guarantee accounting reliability, monitor budgets
  • Analyze financial statements and reports
  • Ensure proper management of stocks and inventory
  • Maintain good standing relationships with local authorities
Finance & Accounting
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)
  • Deploy corporate strategy for the resort
  • Guarantee accounting reliability, monitor budgets and act as financial and administrative advisor to department managers and General Manager
  • Draw and analyze financial statements and reports along with General Manager (e.g. weekly piloting, monthly closures, forecasts etc)
  • Partner with Department Managers to determine reduction in expenses without affecting product quality/service delivery
  • Analyze and present accounts to shareholders
  • Notify corporate team when resort is non-compliant with processes and failure to adhere to deadlines and financial schedule as announced
  • Ensure proper application of accounting procedures in all departments
  • Track balance of payments between the resort and investor
  • Implement and monitor regulations and standards in applicable legislation
  • Conduct internal audit when necessary
  • Ensure proper management of stocks and inventory
  • Maintain good standing relationships with local authorities
Finance & Accounting
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)
  • Responsible for coordinating the production and distribution of meat products with the Executive Chef
  • Apply standards and procedures while respecting hygiene and safety
  • Supervise and motivate team
  • Ensure buffet maintenance and check supply
  • Receive, inspect, and store meat upon delivery and ensure meat quality
  • Cure, smoke, tenderize and preserve meats depending on menu of the week
  • Cut, trim, bone tie, and grind meats to prepare meats in cooking form
  • Keep work area clean, orderly and free from safety hazards
  • Stock and rotate products to ensure freshness and date control
  • Receive and unload meat delivery truck and store in designated areas
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)
  • Communicate with HR Manager and resort management team to determine staffing needs
  • Build local sourcing base for staff through schools, sites, agencies and networking
  • Organize interviews and receive feedback from management team for hiring
  • Perform general clerical duties including photocopying, faxing, mailing and filing
  • Keep track of benefits and payrolling
  • Coordinate training sessions and any employee related issues with Training Coordinator and HR Manager
  • Answer any questions asked by company employees pertaining to HR services
  • Help complete candidate files and administer new employees
Human Resources
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)




  • Participate in production and preparation of pastry goods as assigned by Pastry Chef and Executive Chef
  • Apply company standards and procedures and ensure proper hygiene and safety of the station
  • Execute preliminary orders of mise en place for the day
  • Keep clean work area and equipment,  and ensure pastry area is stocked properly
  • Responsible for production of pastries, decorating and display
  • Produce pastries according to required quantities (buffets, private parties, items include croissants, muffins, breads, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, desserts etc)
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)

Asst Restaurant Manager


  • Assist Restaurant Manager in managing the restaurant team and ensure proper restaurant set up
  • Participate in welcoming guests as they arrive and ensure service quality
  • Determine any training opportunities
  • Ensure company standards and procedures are followed through by personnel
  • Notify restaurant manager in linen needs and other required products
  • Ensure buffet set up and decoration is in place
  • Control quality and speed of table clearing during service
  • Plan weekly schedules and participate in recruiting new personnel
  • Assist service staff during high occupancy times as needed
Bar & Restaurant

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