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Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)





Reporting to the Master Acrobatic/Lead Artistic, the Gentil Circassien (Levels 1 & 2) are required to: 


  • Instruct and oversees Club Med guests (Gentils Membres or GM’s) acrobatic and artistic circus activities (“CREACTIVITIES”) that he is assigned to, in accordance to the Operation and Training Manuals 
  • Ensure the safety and management of risks (e.g. acrobatic/artistic content, use of equipment, movement techniques, …) for the activity under his responsibility 
  • Support and Participate in a Weekly Kid’s Circus Show, and “Moments” throughout the village 
  • Under the guidance of the Master and Lead Artistic, help and support the new GC’s (advancement determined by Master’s end of year evaluation) 
“CREACTIVITIES” - GM and/or Group Interactions 
  • Lead by demonstrating the qualities and standards of actions expected from every GC 
  • Put GM at the heart of everything. 
  • Instruct participants on all aspects of the activity under his supervision, such as the artistic/acrobatic content, warm ups, physical conditioning, workload, training schedule, rotation, etc. 
  • Through teaching/daily interactions adopt an attitude and behavior favoring the inclusion of the GM to the activity. 
  • Welcome & teach participants (GM’s) of all levels from all nationalities, adults and children 
  • Support each participant’s individual learning progression while remaining positive and motivating. 
  • Be serious in content while relaxed in style. The GMs want an amazing experience not train as professionals; 
  • Bring personality, experience, passion and originality while respecting the values of Cirque Du Soleil & Club Med 
  • Assess and develop a pedagogical progression adapted to the needs and levels of participants; 
  • Propose improvement regarding the acrobatic/artistic aspect of activities and ensure the application of CDS & Club Med’s teaching methods. 
  • Be involved and participate in the life of the village 
Development of the GC’s 
  • Accept the diversity of capabilities of each GC in remaining positive and motivating. 
  • Adopt an attitude and behavior favoring the inclusion of all GCs by sharing knowledge and expertise in your specialty discipline. 
  • Help develop the abilities of new GC’s (Level 1) to run the “CREACTIVITIES” in a manner that is conducive to a fun learning environment. 
Kid’s Circus Show and “Moments” 
  • Under the guidance of the Lead Artistic and Master Acrobatics, assist in the development and support of the Weekly Kids’ Circus Show 
  • Participate in the creation and performance of “Moments” throughout the village 
  • Participate in a “Moment under the Stars” (name TBD) at the CREACTIVE Park highlighting the new activities, GC’s in training, and guests that have been participating throughout the week. 
  • Participate in GO Theme Shows as designated by the Master Acrobatics and/or Lead Artistic 
Safety and management
  • Participate in the analysis and elaboration of measures and recommendations to manage risks associated with the activity under his responsibility; 
  • Participate to the overview of equipment in order to assure safety for participants; 
  • Adhere to and comply with Club Med and Cirque du Soleil safety standards for all circus activities, “Moments” and shows 
  • Should incidents or accidents occur, participate to the production of the written analysis; 
  • Contribute to the weekly reports as requested 
Summer Resorts : Caribbean (including Florida)




  • Welcome and teach circus activities to participants at all levels (adults and children)
  • Prepare classes, both on safety and technique
  • Evaluate pupil competence and elaborate educational program adapted to their level
  • Animate various activities by organizing playful and educational sessions and suggest rewarding/competitive events
  • Maintain material in good shape and ensure guest safety when utilizing props
  • Participate in professional circus shows once or twice a week and come up with new setups and choreographies

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